❷ Biei One Day Tour in February, 2020

Let’s join us and enjoy Biei famous sightseeing spots with the local guide!
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PDF Leaflet Japanese(ツアーチラシ日本語)
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◇Tour Points◇

Enjoy the main sightseeing spots in Biei by bus.
The local guide will take you the spots which are all recommendation at this season.
You will have an English Speaking guide in this tour.


◇Operation Date◇ (運行スケジュール)


◇Tour Schedule◇

Time Tour Detail
12:40 Meet at JR Asahikawa Station / JR旭川駅集合
12:50 Depart from JR Asahikawa Station / JR旭川駅出発
13:30 Depart from JR Biei Station / Tourist Information Center
(Pick-Up Only)
JR美瑛駅より徒歩約1-2分  美瑛観光案内所出発(乗車のみ)
14:00 Shirahige Waterfall / 白ひげの滝 (15mins)
15:10 Christmas Tree / クリスマスツリーの木 (15mins)
15:45 Biei Patchwork Road Area / 美瑛パッチワークの路
* Ken & Mary Tree / ケンとメリーの木 (10mins)
* Seven Star Tree / セブンスターの木 (15mins)
* Parents & Child Tree / 親子の木 (drive through/車窓)
* Local Guide’s Secret Place / 現地ガイドオススの丘 (10mins)
16:50 Short Break around JR Biei Station (20-30mins)
17:45 Shirogane Blue Pond – Illumination / 白金 青い池 ライトアップ (30mins)
18:40 Arrive at JR Biei Station / JR美瑛駅(降車のみ)
19:30 Finish the tour at JR Asahikawa Station / JR旭川駅到着

※You can join this tour from Biei Station & finish at the JR Biei Station if you are staying in Biei. Please let us know when you make a reservation.

◇Detail of tour spots◇

1. Shirahige Waterfall / 白ひげの滝 (15mins)

This is a very rare waterfall in Japan. This water comes out from the gaps of the rock face. Please enjoy the waterfall with the blue river and snow mountains.

2. Christmas Tree / クリスマスツリーの木 (15mins)

This tree is located on the Panorama Road Area in Biei, and it stands in the vegetable field on the hill. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery.

3. Patchwork Road Area / パッチワークの路

Visit famous trees in the Patchwork Road Area. Please enjoy the famous trees with the farming view.  This area is very important to enjoy in Biei, and you must learn the history of Biei.
~View spot~
1.Ken & Mary Tree / ケンとメリーの木 (10mins)
2.Seven Stars Tree / セブンスターの木 (15mins)
3.Parents & Child Tree / 親子の木 (Drive through/車窓)
4.Local Guide’s Secret spot / 現地ガイドおすすめの丘 (10mins)

4. Shirogane Blue Pond – illumination
白金 青い池 ライトアップ (30mins)

Blue Pond is the most famous sightseeing spot in Biei. The pond is frozen and covered with snow now, so this Illumination is held only in Winter. You must go there and enjoy the Illumination.

◇Meeting Place◇ (集合場所)
● Asahikawa: Inside the Asahikawa Tourist Information Center
MAP  (JR Asahikawa Sta. Floor Map)
Tour guide is waiting for you inside the Asahikawa Tourist Information Center”.

● Biei: Inside the Biei Tourist Information Center

*Please come to the information center by 13:20 and wait the bus inside the center. The guide will pick up around 13:30.

◇Price◇ (ツアー料金)

Adult / 大人 ¥6,000
Child / 子供 ¥4,500 *6-11 years old
Including / 含まれるもの Bus fee(バス代), Guide fee(ガイド代)
Excluding / 含まれないもの Meal(食事)

【Advanced Booking Discount】事前予約割引
You will get 500yen discount (per person) if you book by 21:00 on One Day before you join.

First Step:
Choose the date in the calendar below and tour course.
Second Step:  Fill in your information.
Final Step: Push the button “予約する“.
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※Online booking is available until 8:00 on that day you join.
※ If there is no booking in advance, we won’t operate these tours.

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◇Payment◇ (お支払いについて)
Please pay the fare to the tour guide on the day you join.(Cash Only)

◇Caution◇ (注意事項)
* This tour is available for 4 person.
If we have three members, we need to cancel the tour. So, we will contact you.

◇Contact◇ (連絡先)
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email or Facebook Messenger.
E-mail:  hikarikoutsu@yahoo.co.jp
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